Advent Recommendations - downloads

Find a list of downloads (images, videos, journals) for Advent chosen by the CTM staff.

Geraldine Wheeler image downloads

Option 1: Set of 4 Advent/Christmas images by Geraldine Wheeler  (Purchase here)

Mary greets Elizabeth- Mary greets Elizabeth contains a series of panels which make reference to the intertwining of the lives of Jesus and John the Baptist, the geographical settings for much of the ministry of each, the occasion for John’s death in prison and Jesus’ crucifixion.

Magnificat- This gouache painting is one of the first of a series of nine works depicting the stories of biblical women. The series is titled “Women’s Praise”.

Mother and Child with Australian Native Flowers- This work has been done over several years as Geraldine searched for ways of expressing the seasons of the Christian year within an Australian setting. Mother and Child are depicted as indigenous Australians.

Flight from the Dictator – with reference to Picasso and Fairweather- The biblical reference for this work is Matthew 2:13-18. The painting employs a traditional depiction of the flight of the holy family into Egypt after the visit of the Magi and Herod’s decree to slaughter the boys under the age of 2 in Bethlehem.

Option 2: Mother and Child with Australian Native Flowers by Geraldine Wheeler (Purchase here)


Zoriah Advent video series

Hope. Peace. Love. Joy: is four series of works from Zoriah and four video clips for use during Advent.

These works utilize Zoriah's photos from the Boxing Day tsunami and the rebuilding one year on; images of conflict in the Middle East; the amazing spirit of people living in poverty, conflict and disaster zones and the love of families and those caring for loved ones.

Images are taken by humanitarian photojournalist Zoriah.

Music is by Paul Davis & John Coleman

Download Hope, Peace, Love and Joy here


New music, liturgies and drama skits/scripts/ideas

Here is a treasure trove of various resources with new music, liturgies and drama skits/scripts/ideas to help prepare for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.  Diverse music styles and complexity are offered, with Australian motifs.  Amelia Koh-Butler has written a new series of Advent liturgies for lighting the Advent Wreath and included music for them.  Contributors include some Victorians.   It’s a downloadable resource available through MediaCom from the Centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts in Adelaide.


The Child and Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

A journal article from the Journal of Childhood and Religion exploring the second chapter of Matthews Gospel

Download here: The Child and Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

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